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Posted (crates) in Glock pistols on August-17-2011

     I’m now of the opinion that the failure to feed problems talked about before with the Glock 17 generation 2 pistol are a problem with that particular pistol.  I just returned from Texas where I had a chance to shoot a Glock 26 and a Glock 19 (both Gen 4’s) over a period of several weeks and had not a single failure to feed problem–in fact I had no problems whatsoever with the pistols.  Both shot flawlessly (except they didn’t always hit the bullseye!).

   I think now that the problem with the Glock 17 had nothing to do with a limp wrist or any other problem with the grip.  I was greatly impressed with both the 19 and the 26.  For a range pistol the Glock 19 was impeccable, while I think that I would prefer the 26 as the concealed alternative.