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Posted (crates) in nature on November-9-2009

      I was wondering why people were staring at me at the Mississippi visitor’s center last summer after I had pulled off Interstate 10.  I checked my zipper, nope…wiped my nose, nope nothing there, then I realized that I was wearing two pairs of glasses, one low down on my nose and the other right above it. 

       I have always had excellent eyesight, never needing glasses…until a few years back.  More than a few years actually.  Presbyopia is an ailment that inflicts many people as the lens of the eye looses its flexibility and can no longer accomodate close vision.   When this condition got to the point that I could ignore it no longer, I bought two expensive pairs of glasses.  “Over a hundred dollars for the frames?” I almost shouted in disbelief to the clerk.  “I can get a pair of sunglasses for a few dollars that has perfectly good frames!”

     “Oh no!,” she said, horrified, “these glasses are much finer, much lighter and stronger.”  So I ended up spending several hundred dollars for two pairs of glasses.  Years later I realize that…I was absolutely right, and was foolish to have bought such thin frames that snapped the first time any pressure was put upon them, and I never did get used to the bifocals.

     Now I get my glasses at a place that has satisfied my needs in many ways, and I have never had second thoughts about the glasses that I buy there—the Dollar Tree.  I buy glasses for close work for one dollar with a diopter value of about 2.5.  I also found that recently I have problems seeing far away–especially when driving at night, and I found that these one dollar glasses with a diopter of about 1.25 are great for seeing far away.  I even found some sunglasses with a diopter value of 1.25 which are great on sunny days.  These glasses work wonderfully well and are durable.  I have some that I’ve had for years, and I usually never have any problems with them unless I sit on them.

      So that day as I was driving down I-10 I was wearing my “far away glasses” (1.25) and doing perfectly fine until I needed to look down at the speedometer or something else on the dash board like the radio controls, and then I needed my “close up” (2.5) glasses.  Both were hanging about my neck by cords, and I found that by placing the close up glasses low on my nose and my far away glasses up higher on my nose, I could switch back and forth with no problems.  However, I had neglected to pull one off my nose when I went into the visitor’s center.  

        I found that method works very well, but I haven’t quite overcome the attention I get when I do it, so I usually only do it at home.  However, I have left the diopter labels on the lenses in order to tell the glasses apart, and I always get comments such as:  “You still have the label on your glasses.”  “I know,” I reply,  “And I still have the label on this one,” pointing to the other one hanging about my neck.

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