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Posted (crates) in Miscellaneous, Personal Stuff on May-3-2008

     Well, I am still making plans for the Wedding in Hawaii!  So many loose ends to tie together.  For example I found that the short hop from Honolulu to Kona was on Aloha airlines which went out of business.  Expedia, with whom I made the resevations, basically said it was up to me to take care of the problem.  I called Northwest airlines with whom I have tickets for three out of the four hops, to see if they could resolve the problem.  I had to listen to this really snippy woman lecture me about how I was a customer of Expedia, and that Northwest airlines had nothing to do with it. 

     “Oh,” I said, “Northwest is receiving no money from the three tickets that I bought?”  She ignored this and continued to talk about how Expedia just wanted to make the sale and then wash their hands of the whole thing.  I couldn’t argue with this.  I was put on hold while she “consulted” with somebody…this went on for forty five minutes.  She would occasionally come back to tell me that they were still consulting, and that the “free period” had expired since Aloha airlines went bankrupt, and that they didn’t have to do anything for me.  Nevertheless, when it was all said and done, I was able to get the flight approved by Northwest Airlines.  Of course, I would have to leave Seattle at 3pm instead of 8 am, and that I would arrive in Maui instead of Oahu, and that I would arrive in Kona at 8:30 pm instead of 2:30 pm.  Oh, and they would have to charge me a “help” fee for all the consulting they had done.

    And then of course once the wedding is over, we need to decide what we will be doing each day.  If I have to make reservations for these activities then I would like to do it ahead of time and not wait until I get there. One thing that I really want to do is to go on one of the birding expeditions.  It’s too bad that I’m the only one that is interested in doing this.   So I’m in the midst of that…  I’m sure I’ll enjoy the whole thing once every thing is settled.

    Oh yes, I think that in the future I shall check online for the cheapest fares and then call the airlines directly to see if they can match the fare.

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