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Posted (crates) in Uncategorized on May-28-2007
You resonate
Like a harp
Left on
Apollo’s altar,
Catching the wind
At the end of day
Giving forth music
As the westering sun
Turns the
Wine dark sea to gold.

I haven’t been idle…really. Joomla has just put out a second Beta prior to coming out with a new release candidate. Supposedly the new version is much better than the old. I was faced with the prospect of using the older version or waiting until the bugs had been worked out with the 1.5 Beta 2. This new Beta version was “primarily for the developers and designers” which I decidedly am not. Also the more I read about such things, the more I realized that I really needed to know HTML, not to mention PHP, etc. Otherwise, I would just be blindly following directions with little knowledge of the subject.
So I have decided to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, and whatever; I am terrible at understanding acronyms. I have been reading a book on HTML and have just begun reading about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and have been surprised at how uncomplicated it looks. I hesitate to use the word simple, because it isn’t, but it really does not seem that difficult to understand. Of course, I haven’t gotten past the basics, so I should keep my astonishment to myself, because I’m sure I shall have to eat these words later. After I have learned my basics, perhaps then the new version of Joomla will be out, and I will be able to make a better decision as to the best way to proceed.
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