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Posted (crates) in Uncategorized on May-8-2007

The past two days here have been very warm actually getting up to 73 degrees yesterday. I actually heard people complaining about the heat, and of course, many people are wearing their skimpy summer clothes. People here really can’t take any kind of heat whatsoever.
The vegetable seeds that I planted are germinating and poking their heads up. I can tell that I’m going to have to thin them out, which is always difficult for me because I don’t like doing that. If I don’t do it though then the plants will be stunted. I think that I will replant the thinned seedlings…somehow that makes me feel better about it all.

The wind picked up in the afternoon, and when I left the house the porch and driveway was covered with the tiny dried up corpses of male Douglas Fir cones…yes the ones that spewed out so much pollen a while back. I can always tell the time of year just by looking at my driveway. The plants go through their annual cycles and shed their various structures just like clockwork. There were a few yellow Madrone Leaves on the driveway also, foretelling the month of June when they shed all their old leaves.

My new project is to learn all about the program, Drupal, which I want to learn in order to be more flexible in posting my web site. I’m not quite sure about it yet, and I can tell that it will be a time consuming process.

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