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Posted (crates) in Uncategorized on April-28-2007
Until I spoke to you
I could only catch glimpses
Like flashes of light,
Sparkles of what was inside you.
And then
Opening yourself up to me
Giving of yourself
I entered into you
Getting to know all that was you.
It amazes me
All of that
Within secret feminine folds
A human life, warm…breathing
Pulsing with life
And love and joy.

Some endings stand out more than others.
Others are commonplace and fade from memory.
Some are known at the time,
Like the last time I talked to my mother
Or held my red haired love

Other endings come unawares
Sparing us the heartbreak
Of knowing too much.
It is only later that
We realize another
Ending has come and gone.

Like when I saw her stride
Purposely out of the terminal to board
The plane in that little
Iowa town.
Would I have run to her and held her close
One more time if I had known?

Or when I watched you wave goodbye
From the rear window of that departing car
How could I have known it was the last time
And that you were forever lost to me?

And the last time that I carried my daughter,
Or held her little hand as we walked along.
When I let go of her, what would I have done
If I had known…
It was the last time?

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