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Posted (crates) in Uncategorized on April-20-2007

I’ve been trying to do a lot of projects, and to help myself out I have made a detailed list that fills almost an entire page. I have listed the main items below that I want to accomplish by next Tuesday:
A. Set up a new computer and connect it to my home network.
B. Clean out the closet and either throw out any junk or take useful items to Goodwill.
C. Thoroughly clean my bedroom and computer room.
D. Put numerous photos into frames and hang them. This includes some really old copies of photos of my family.
E. Clean out the garage and organize the junk…I mean things of value!
F. Cut pathways through the backyard salal and huckleberry (bushes), rake and clean in general.
G. Cut the brush back on the margins of the clearing in which I live.
H. Take out all the old plants that I saved in the garage over the winter and put on the deck.
I. Plant some azalea and camellia bushes.
J. Pot some new plants into some new containers and window boxes.
K. Take out some rotting landscape timbers around the raised beds and replace with new.
L. Dig up and plant the garden.
M. Mow front and back yards and also the margins along the street; cut back the weeds along the driveway; clean driveway and deck.

Those are the main headings of what I want to do. Totally unrealistic I know, but if I can do all but “D” and “M.” I shall be happy. Unfortunately I am working my days off this week, and so will be short of free time to do all this.

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