What is that bright thing in the sky?

| November 17, 2006

For over two weeks there has been an almost unrelenting wave of rain storms sweeping in from the Southwest. I have awakened innumerable times to things hitting the roof, blown off from the surrounding trees, and then hearing the sound of whatever it was rolling down the roof. Probably mostly Douglas Fir cones since they […]


| November 10, 2006

Ok, now the democrats have a chance to show everybody how they will handle all the pressing problems. Funny thing is that I never heard very much about their plans before the recent election during which they won control of congress, so I am doubtful that anything workable will be presented. Politics as usual… Lessee…oh […]

Sun at last!

| November 8, 2006

The rain continued all day until about 3:30 pm, when the sky cleared and the sun came out. The rivers are still high and running over their banks, but for two days or so the rain should let up before another rain storm moves in.I was trying to get my home network set up with […]

Pineapple Express

| November 8, 2006

Everybody knows the reputation that the northwest has for rain, but this is ridiculous. It has been raining steadily since last Friday (this is Wednesday!). The news agencies, paragons of understatement, shout that this is a record breaking storm (storm? It’s just rain with a little breeze!), which may dump as much as ten inches. […]

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